Daily Life - Cut In Line(0005)

A:  I can't believe it took us two hours to get here. The traffic in New York is unbelievable.
B:  Yeah, but just relax honey, we're here and we're going on vacation. In a few hours we'll be in Hawaii, and you'll be on the golf course.
A:  Oh no! Look at that line! It must be a mile long! There's no way I'm waiting for another two hours.
B:  Honey... don't...
C:  Hey man, the end of the line is over there.
A:  Yeah...
C:  No seriously, I was here first, and you can't cut in line like this.
A:  Says who?
C:  I do!
A:  So sue me!
C:  Alright...that's it....

Key Vocabulary

unbelievableAdjectiveincredible, amazing
relaxprinciple verb, imperativecalm down
be a mile longphraseis very long
cut in linephrasemove in front of someone waiting in line
there's no wayphraseit's impossible

Supplementary Vocabulary

traffic jamphrasemany cars not moving on the road
a few hours from nowphrasesoon, in a couple of hours
form a queuephraseto get in line
jump the queuephrasecut in line ( Br E)
stand in linephrasewait in line
line upphraseform a line