The Weekend - Road Trip(0006)

A:  So, are we all ready to go?
B:  Yup, I think so. The car's packed; we have munchies and music, and the map's in the car.
A:  Did you get the camera?
B:  Got it! Did you fill up the tank?
A:  Yup, it's all set.
B:  You're sure we're not forgetting anything?
A:  I'm sure... we've got all our bases covered.
B:  Well… let's get going then! I love road trips!
B:  Um... do you think we can make a pit stop?
A:  But we've only been on the road for ten minutes.
B:  I know, but I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left.

Key Vocabulary

all ready to gophraseprepared, ready to leave
packedAdjectivefull, everything is inside
munchiescommon noun, non-variablesnacks, food
fill up the tankphraseput gas in the car
all setphraseready
got all the bases coveredphrasehave everything ready
get goingphrasestart, leave, depart
road tripphraselong car trip
pit stopphrasequick stop for food or gas

Supplementary Vocabulary

trunkcommon noun, singularthe luggage area of a car
passengercommon noun, singularperson in a car, not the driver
freewaycommon noun, singularhighway
rental carphrasea car you rent, a car you pay to borrow
highway tollphrasefee paid for using the highway