The Office - Virus!(0007)

A:  Oh great! This stupid computer froze again! That’s the third time today! Hey Samuel, can you come take a look at my PC? It’s acting up again. It must have a virus or something.
B:  Just give me a second; I’ll be right up.
B:  I ran a virus scan on your computer, and it turns out that you have a lot of infected files!
A:  But I’m quite careful when I’m browsing the internet, I have no idea how I could have picked up a virus.
B:  Well, you have to make sure that your anti-virus software is updated regularly; yours wasn't up to date, that's probably what was causing your problems.
A:  Ok. Anything else?
B:  Yeah, try not to kick or hit the computer!
A:  Um yeah… Sorry about that.

Key Vocabulary

freezeprinciple verb, present simpleto stop working properly
take a lookphrasesee, revise
act upprinciple verb, present simplenot working properly
be right upphrasego upstairs soon
pick upprinciple verb, present simpleget, acquire
browseprinciple verb, present simplelook, search
up to datephrasehaving all the most recent information

Supplementary Vocabulary

monitorcommon noun, singularcomputer screen
computer techcommon noun, singularperson in a company who fixes computers
corrupt filecommon noun, singulardamaged or broken computer file that can't be opened
surf the netphraselook for information on the internet
web browsercommon noun, singularcomputer program that allows you to go on the internet