The Weekend - Silence please!(0009)

A:  Those people in front of us are making so much noise. It’s so inconsiderate!
B:  Don’t worry about it; it's not such a big deal.
A:  Oh... I can’t hear a thing! Excuse me, can you keep it down?
C:  Sure, sorry 'bout that!
A:  Someone’s phone is ringing!
B:  Honey, I think it’s your phone. Did you forget to switch it off?
A:  Oh, no! You’re right. That’s so embarrassing!
C:  Do you mind keeping it down? I’m trying to watch a movie here!

Key Vocabulary

inconsiderateAdjectivenot thinking of the feelings of other people; not thoughtful
not such a big dealphrasenot a big problem
can't hear a thingphraseunable to hear
keep it downphrasebe quiet
switch offphraseturn off
do you mindphrasecould you please

Supplementary Vocabulary

noisyAdjectivevery loud
to disturbprinciple verb, infinitiveto interrupt, bother, or upset
to interruptprinciple verb, infinitiveto speak or make noise when someone else is speaking
to whisperprinciple verb, infinitiveto speak very softly