The Office - Driving Sales(0010)

A:  All right, people. We're holding this meeting today because we've got to do something about our sales, and we need to do it NOW! I want concrete solutions. How do you intend to drive sales... Roger?
B:  Well, in fact, we're the most expensive in the market, so maybe we need to lower our prices to match the competitors?
A:  Lower our prices? Not very creative. It'll never fly with Swan. What kind of thinking is that? Geez. Anybody else have a better plan? Natalie?
C:  Um, perhaps, um, a sales promotion. Maybe a two-for-one offer, or something like that!
A:  What? That's the same thing. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Dammit people come on! Think! The CEO will be here any minute.
D:  Do we have any ideas yet?
C:  Yes Mr. Swan, we were kind of considering a two-for-one offer to get more competitive.
D:  A two-for-one promotion? Hmm. I kind of like the sound of that. It sounds like something we should consider.
A:  Yeah, exactly. Just what I was thinking! In fact, that's a brilliant idea! I'm glad we thought of that. Very creative.

Key Vocabulary

concrete solutionsphrasea real or specific solution to a problem
drive salesPrepositionincrease sales
in the marketphrasein the industry
to match the competitorsprinciple verb, infinitivebe the as good as or better than others companies in the same industry
will never flyphrasewill not work, will not be approved
promotionphrasesomething done to make people aware of a product
be here any minutephrasewill arrive very soon
to considerprinciple verb, infinitivethinking about

Supplementary Vocabulary

competitiveAdjectiveas good as or better than others of the same type
win salesphrasemake sales sucessfully
sales strategyphraseplans for a company's sales activities
sales cyclephrasethe process a customer goes though when deciding to buy a product
to outsellprinciple verb, infinitiveto sell more than others
customer loyaltyphrasewhen a customer buys the same brand over and over