Daily Life - New Guy in Town(0011)

A:  Oh, I don't know if you heard, but someone moved into that old house down the road.
B:  Yeah, I know. I met the owner of the house yesterday as he was moving in. His name is Armand.
A:  Really? What's he like? You have to fill me in.
B:  Actually, he's a bit strange. I don't know... I've got a bad feeling about him.
A:  Really? Why?
B:  Well, yesterday I brought over a housewarming gift, but Armand started acting really weird, and then he practically kicked me out! I tried to, sort of, peek into his house, but everything was so dark inside that I couldn't really get a good look.
A:  Well, you'll never guess what I saw this morning. A delivery truck pulled into his driveway, and it dropped off a long, rectangular box. It almost looked like a coffin!
B:  You see! Why would he...
C:  Hello ladies...
B:  Ah, Armand! You scared the heck out of me! This is my friend Doris.
C:  A pleasure to meet you...If you are not doing anything tonight, I would like to have you both for dinner. I mean...I would like to have you both over for dinner.

Key Vocabulary

I don't know if you heardphrasephrase used to introduce a piece of information
fill me inphrasetell me about it
a bad feelingphrasea sense or feeling that something bad is going to happen
weirdAdjectivestrange, unusual
kick outprinciple verb, past simplemake or force someone leave when they don't want to
creep me outphrasemake me feel uncomfortable and a bit scared
you'll never guessphrasephrase used to introduce a piece of news
scare the heck out of mephrasecause someone to feel a lot of fear

Supplementary Vocabulary

bizarreAdjectivestrange or unusual
creepyAdjectivestrange or scary, causing people to feel nervous and afraid
vampirecommon noun, singulara dead person who drinks the blood of living people
have you heardphrasephrase used to introduce a piece of gossip
guess whatphrasephrase used to introduce an interesting or surprising piece of information