Daily Life - Cleaning the House(0012)

A:  Honey, the house is such a mess! I need you to help me tidy up a bit. My boss and her husband are coming over for dinner and the house needs to be spotless!
B:  I'm in the middle of something right now. I'll be there in a second.
A:  This can't wait! I need your help now!
B:  Alright, alright. I'm coming.
A:  Ok, here's a list of chores we need to get done. I'll do the dishes and get all the groceries for tonight. You can sweep and mop the floors. Oh, and the furniture needs to be dusted.
B:  You know what, I have to pick something up at the mall, so why don't you clean the floors and I’ll go to the supermarket and get all the groceries.
A:  Sure that's fine. Here is the list of all the things you need to get. Don’t forget anything! And can you pick up a bottle of wine on your way home?
B:  Hey, honey I'm back. Wow, the house looks really good!
A:  Great! Can you set the table?
B:  Just a sec I'm just gonna vacuum this rug real fast
A:  Wait! Don't turn it on...

Key Vocabulary

such a messphrasevery dirty, disordered
tidy upprinciple verb, present simpleput things in place, organize
spotlessAdjectiveperfectly clean
in the middle of somethingphrasebusy doing something at the moment
chorescommon noun, pluralcommon house tasks
groceriescommon noun, pluralfood that you buy at a store

Supplementary Vocabulary

phrasecareful, thorough house cleaning usually done in the spring/ spring cleaning
immaculateAdjectiveperfectly clean, having no dirt at all
do the laundryphrasewash the dirty clothes
dish detergentphrasesoap used to wash the plates, knives, forks, bowls, etc.
trashcommon noun, non-variablegarbage (AmE)
rubbishcommon noun, non-variablegarbage (BrE)