The Office - Out Of Control Spending(0013)

A:  OK, so now the last point on our agenda. Jill, let's go over the profit and loss statement.
B:  Great. Well, the main issue here, as you can see, is that our expenses are through the roof.
A:  Let's see... These numbers are off the charts! What's going on here!
B:  Well, um, sir, the company expenditures on entertainment and travel are out of control. Look at these bills for example. Just this month we've paid over twenty thousand dollars for hotel charges!
A:  OK, thank you. I'll look into it.
B:  The list goes on and on. Here, this is a bill for five thousand dollars for spa treatments!
A:  Thank you; that will be all. I'll take care of it.
B:  Look at this one sir, eight thousand dollars were spent in one night at a place called "Wild Things"?!
A:  OK, I get it!! Thank you for your very thorough analysis!

Key Vocabulary

go overphraserevise, check
through the roofphrasesuddenly very high
off the chartsphrasevery high
expenditurescommon noun, pluralamount of money spent on something
out of controlphrasenot in control
look intoprinciple verb, Will Futureinvestigate, try to get information about something
go on and onphrasecontinues
take care ofprinciple verb, Will Futuredo something about

Supplementary Vocabulary

revenuecommon noun, non-variableamount of money paid to a business
cash flowcommon noun, non-variablethe movement of money into and out of a business
the bottom linephrasethe net profit; the amount of money a business makes after expenses
financescommon noun, non-variablethe amount of money you have and how well it is organized
incomecommon noun, non-variablethe amount of money a person or a company makes
assetscommon noun, pluralthings of value that are owned by a company