Daily Life - Turn left here!(0016)

A:  Hurry up, get in!
B:  I'm in , let's go!
A:  OK, make a left here...no wait, I meant make a right. Come on speed up!
B:  Geeze! What's the rush?
A:  Don't worry about it, just drive. Oh, no, the light is about to change... step on it!
B:  Are you nuts? I'm not going to run a red light!
A:  Whatever. Just turn right here. The freeway will be packed at this hour.... let's take a side street. Go on! Get out of our way! Move, move!
B:  What's your problem? Geez. Having a fit is not going to help!
A:  Here, I know a short cut... just go down here and we'll cut through Ashburn Heights. Let's go, let's go! Watch out for that lady!
B:  I'm going as fast as I can!
A:  Yes! We made it. 5:58, just before the library closes.
B:  You're such a geek!

Key Vocabulary

hurry upphrasemove faster
make a leftphraseturn left
step on itphrasedrive a lot faster
speed upverbgo faster
have a fitphraseget very angry
cut throughphrasequickly go past or though something that blocks you
packedAdjectivefull, having lots of cars

Supplementary Vocabulary

road ragephrasebe very angry at other drivers while driving
back streetphrasesmall street that is away from the main streets
u-turnphrasea 180 degree turn in the car
to back upprinciple verb, infinitiveto move backwards, the opposite of go forwards
to passprinciple verb, infinitiveto drive past another car on the road to pass a car on the road
to parkprinciple verb, infinitiveto stop the car and turn off the engine