Global View - Here Comes the Bride(0017)

A:  I can't believe that Anthony is finally getting married!
B:  Yeah, well, it's about time. He's been living with his parents for forty years!
A:  Don't be mean. Look, here come the bridesmaids! Their dresses look beautiful!
B:  Who are those kids walking down the aisle?
A:  That's the flower girl and the ring bearer. I'm pretty sure they're the groom's niece and nephew. Oh, they look so cute!
B:  I just hope the priest makes it quick. I'm starving. I hope the food's good at the reception.
A:  That’s all you ever think about, food! Oh, I think the bride's coming now! She looks gorgeous. Wait, what's she doing? Where's she going?
B:  Oh, great! Does this mean that the reception is canceled?

Key Vocabulary

marriedAdjectivejoined in marriage
it's about timephrasefinally
bridesmaidcommon noun, pluralfemale friends or relatives who helps the bride at a wedding
aislecommon noun, singulara passage between sections of seats
flower girlcommon noun, singulara girl at a wedding that throws flower petals down the aisle
ring bearercommon noun, singulara boy at a wedding that holds the wedding rings
receptioncommon noun, singularparty held to celebrate something or to welcome people
groomcommon noun, singulara man who is about to be married
bridecommon noun, singularfemale who is about to get married
gorgeousAdjectivevery beautiful or attractive

Supplementary Vocabulary

groomsmancommon noun, singularmale friend or relative who helps the groom on the wedding day
maid of honorcommon noun, singularfemale fiend or relative who acts as a witness at the wedding
best mancommon noun, singularmale friend or relative who acts as a witness at the wedding
usherscommon noun, pluralmen who help guest find their seats
common noun, pluralpromises that the bride and groom make to each other during the wedding ceremony