Daily Life - I Can See Clearly Now(0020)

A:  Hello, Arthur. What seems to be the problem?
B:  Hey doc. Well, I think I might need glasses. I'm getting headaches, and I really struggle to see things that are far away. But I have always had 20/20 vision.
A:  Sounds like you may be far-sighted. OK, then, cover your left eye and read the chart in front of you.
B:  Mmm… X, E, R, 3, a question mark, and I can't quite make out the other symbol but I think it's the peace sign.
A:  Wow, Arthur! You're as blind as a bat!
B:  Yeah, I know, my vision is really blurry at times.
A:  Ok, then, head on over to the other room and pick out some frames while I fill out your prescription.
B:  Thanks, doc!
A:  Arthur, that's the bathroom.

Key Vocabulary

seem to bephraseappears or is
struggleverbtry very hard
20/20 visionphraseperfect eyesight
make outverbsee
far sightedphrasesee far-away things more clearly than things nearby
as blind as a batphrasehave really poor vision
visioncommon noun, singularability to see things
blurryAdjectivenot clear
pick outphrasechoose
prescriptioncommon noun, singulara message written by a doctor that tells people what medicine to take

Supplementary Vocabulary

check-upcommon noun, singularregular examination by a doctor to make sure a person is healthy
short sightedAdjectiveunable to see things far away (AmE)
nearsightedAdjectiveunable to see things far away (BrE)
contactscommon noun, plurallenses you wear directly on your eyes to help you see
optometristcommon noun, singulareye doctor
prescribeverbofficially tell someone to use a medicine or treatment
lensescommon noun, pluralclear, curved piece of glass that helps people see better