The Office - What Do You Do?(0021)

A:  Oh, look, there's Veronica and her boyfriend. She's always going on about him at the office. Oh, great, they saw us. They're coming this way.
B:  Oh, man...
C:  Jessica! Arthur! Hi! I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Greg, he's the V. P. of quality and safety for a top Fortune 500 food company.
A:  Nice to meet you. This is my husband, Arthur.
B:  Hey, how's it going?
D:  Hello.
A:  Veronica talks about you all the time. I guess you must be pretty busy at work.
D:  Well, yeah, a V. P. position is not easy, you know! I implement policies and procedures nationwide. of various departments, as well as train junior managers in FDA and EPA regulations. I also have to oversee daily ope
B:  Wow, yeah... that sounds exciting.
D:  And what about you, Arthur? What do you do for a living?
B:  Oh, I'm a Top Gun pilot!

Key Vocabulary

go on aboutphrasetalk about something a lot
Fortune 500phrasetop 500 companies, rated by revenue
implementprinciple verb, present progressivebegin to do something, put into action
responsibleAdjectivehave the duty or job of taking care of something
nationwideAdjectivein the whole country
look afterprinciple verb, infinitivetake care of
overseeprinciple verb, present simplewatch and direct to make sure a job is done correctly
quality controlcommon noun, non-variablechecking goods to make sure that they are good enough to sell
under mephraseworking for me

Supplementary Vocabulary

develop relationshipsphrasemake good relationships
handle complaintsphraselook after or take care of complaints
phrase/ write official documents
coordinateverbmake arrangements or plans with a group of people
monitorverbwatch and check
superviseverbbe in charge of something , watch and direct
ensureverbmake sure