The Weekend - Christmas Chronicles II(0022)

A:  Really, gentlemen, you can't take me to jail! Don't you know who I am? Kris Kringle, you know, Papa Noel, Pere Noel, Babbo Natale, sheng dan lao ren!
B:  Yeah, Yeah, we've heard that one before, haven't we Joe?
C:  Yeah, last week we booked this guy who claimed to be the tooth fairy! Can you believe that?
A:  It's Christmas Eve and I have all these presents to deliver! Where is your Christmas spirit? What will happen when all the children wake up tomorrow and don't find any gifts in their stockings?
B:  Sorry buddy, you were parked in a no-parking zone, you were speeding, and you have no ID!
C:  Besides that, even if we let you go now, your sleigh has been impounded and those reindeer were taken to the city zoo.
A:  What! This is unbelievable! What's this world coming to? Christmas is ruined!
C:  What's that up ahead? It looks like... elves!! Elves!! Whoa, they're shooting candy canes! Mayday, Mayday, we are under heavy attack! We need backup!

Key Vocabulary

take someone to jailphrasetake someone who is arrested to a place where other criminals are kept
bookverbarrest (informal)
claimverbsay something is true when some people say it may not be true
stockingcommon noun, singularlarge sock; traditionally, Christmas gifts are put inside on the Christmas Eve
speedverbdrive faster than legal speed limit
impoundverbheld by the police
ruinedAdjectivedamaged or destroyed
reindeercommon noun, non-variablelarge deer that lives in the north part of the globe
elfcommon noun, singularsmall creature (in stories) that have pointed ears and magic powers
candy canecommon noun, plurala stick-shaped candy with red and white curves on the top
under heavyphrasebeing attacked or hurt
backupcommon noun, non-variablehelp

Supplementary Vocabulary

chargeverbformally accuse someone of a crime
pull someone overphrasemake a moving car move to the side of the road
ambushcommon noun, singulara sudden attack
stocking stuffercommon noun, singularsmall gifts that are put in the Christmas stocking
Christmas ornamentcommon noun, singulardecoration that is used to make the Christmas tree beautiful