The Office - Making an Appointment(0023)

A:  Hello, Fairbrook Consulting, how may I help you?
B:  Yes, this is Julianne Horton, and I'm calling to arrange an appointment with Ms. McNealy.
A:  Certainly, what day were you thinking of?
B:  How's Thursday? Does she have any time available then?
A:  Um... let me double check...unfortunately, she's booked solid on Thursday, how does next Monday work for you?
B:  Actually, I've got something scheduled on Monday. Can she do Tuesday?
A:  Sure, Tuesday's perfect. May I ask where you're calling from?
B:  Sure, Merton Financial Advisors.
A:  Oh, actually, Tuesday's no good. Sorry 'bout that.

Key Vocabulary

to arrange
appointmentcommon noun, singularan agreement to meet someone at a particular time
availableAdjectivenot busy, willing to talk to someone
double checkphrasecheck again
booked solidphrasehaving no available place or time
work for youphrasebe okay with you
scheduledverbplanned at a specific time
no goodphrasenot okay

Supplementary Vocabulary

fully bookedphrasebooked solid; having no space or time available
fit you inphrasefind time to see someone in a busy schedule
unavailableAdjectivenot available
occupiedAdjectivebusy doing something