Daily Life - Where should we eat?(0024)

A:  Do you two have any plans for the evening?
B:  We were thinking of checking out a restaurant in the neigbourhood. Do you have any suggestions?
A:  I know this really nice Italian place. The food is fantastic, and the décor is beautiful. I'd recommend giving it a try.
C:  Actually, I'm not all that crazy aboutItalian Italian food; I’m in the mood for something a bit lighter.
A:  In that case, I know a great little bistro. They make a really tasty seafood platter; the fish is outstanding.
B:  It sounds fantastic, but I’m allergic to seafood, so...
A:  Okay, well, let me think... Oh, I know this great little place. It's just a hole in the wall, but they do the most amazing sandwiches. You gotta give them a try.
C:  Ella, you took me there last time I visited, and I got food poisoning, remember?

Key Vocabulary

check outphraselook at something that is attractive
fantasticAdjectiveextremely good
décorcommon noun, singulardecoration
in the mood forphrasehave a desire for something or to do something
lightAdjectivenot heavy on stomach, easy to digest
bistrocommon noun, singularsmall, trendy restaurant or bar
tastyAdjectivedelicious, tasting good
Adjectivehave allergy towards something (usually food)
a hole in the wallphrasea very small, usually cheap restaurant or bar
food poisoningphrasebecoming sick because of bacteria in food

Supplementary Vocabulary

yummyAdjectivetasting good
crazy aboutphraselike very much
not fond ofphrasedon't like (polite)
enjoyableAdjectivetasting good
yumInterjectionexpression you use when you're enjoying food or drink