Daily Life - I'm Sorry, I Love You II(0028)

A:  I'm so relieved that your ankle wasn't broken! I feel just awful about this whole thing. I wanna make it up to you. Let me take you out to dinner tonight. My treat.
B:  That sounds great! I'd love to! Here is my address. Pick me up at eight?
A:  Perfect!
B:  Thank you for such a lovely evening! The food was amazing, and I had a great time.
A:  Me too. You look so beautiful tonight! I wish this night would never end. There's something I have to tell you...
B:  What is it?
A:  I woke up today thinking this would be just like any other ordinary day, but I was wrong. A twist of fate brought us together. I crashed into your life and you into mine, and this may sound crazy, but I'm falling

Key Vocabulary

relievedAdjectiverelaxed and happy that something difficult has been stopped
make it upverbdo something good as a balance to a bad or hurtful action
my treatphraseI will pay
pick upverbgo somewhere in order to get someone or something
twist of fatephraseunplanned events that has a big impact on the future
crashverbhit something causing serious damage
fall in lovephrasestart being in love

Supplementary Vocabulary

go on a datephrasego to an event or activity with a boyfriend or girlfriend
ask you outverbinvite or ask someone to go on a date (informal)
take you outverbinvite someone to go and do something
turn downverbdecline an invitation
look forward toverban expression to show excitement about something
see someoneverbbe in a relationship with someone
flirtverbbehave in a way that expresses a sexual attraction for someone