Daily Life - New Guy in Town II(0030)

A:  Oh, Armand, thank you for such a thoughtful invitation! It's really very nice of you to invite us over for dinner, don't you think so, Ellen?
B:  Oh, yes of course! We'd love to come over. Can I bring anything?
C:  No, don't worry about it; I'll take care of everything. I'll see you tonight. Come with an appetite... I know I will!
B:  I don't want go over to his place for dinner! He gives me the creeps! Why on earth did you accept?
A:  Oh come on Ellen, it will be nice to get to know him. Besides, he's new to the neighborhood, and it would be rude to decline his invitation.
B:  I guess so... You always rope me into things like this!
C:  Ladies! Thank you for coming! You look delicious... I mean beautiful. Please come in.
A:  Oh Oh Armand! You are too kind!
B:  How did I get myself into this...

Key Vocabulary

thoughtfulAdjectiveshowing concern for the needs and feelings of other people
appetitecommon noun, singulara physical desire of food
give the creepsphrasemake someone to feel scared and uncomfortable
get to knowverbstart to know, become familiar with someone
why on earthphrase(expression to emphasize surprise or frustration)
declineverbsay you will not or cannot do something
rope intoverbconvince someone to do something

Supplementary Vocabulary

make yourself at homephrasepolite way to ask guests to make themselves comfortable
hospitableAdjectivebeing a friendly and caring host to the guests
potluckcommon noun, singulara party that requires everybody to bring food
housewamingcommon noun, singulara party to celebrate moving into a new home