The Office - Canceling an Appointment(0031)

A:  Hello, Samantha speaking.
B:  Hi Samantha. This is Angela calling.
A:  Oh, hi Angela, what's up?
B:  I'm just calling about our meeting today. I wonder, is it possible to reschedule our appointment in the afternoon? I have a bit of an emergency that I need to take care of.
A:  Let me see, it shouldn't be too much of a problem...
B:  I'm really sorry, I hope it doesn't inconvenience you too much, it's just this thing came up, and ...
A:  Angela, you know what, I can't make it to our meeting, either. Why don't we postpone it to tomorrow afternoon at the same time?
B:  Sounds great. See you tomorrow.
C:  Angela... Angela, look up! See that lady over there who is trying on a red leather jacket? Isn't that Samantha?
B:  What? No wonder she told me she couldn't make it to the meeting, oh, no, I think she saw me...

Key Vocabulary

what's upphrasewhat is the matter
rescheduleverbschedule something for a different time
inconvenienceverbcause problem or trouble
come upverboccur in an unexpected way
make itverbcome
postponeverbdecide to do something at a later time
no wonderphrasenot surprisingly

Supplementary Vocabulary

scheduling conflictcommon noun, singulartwo or more appointments scheduled at the same time
call offverbcancel
double-bookverbhave two appointments or meetings at the same time
push backphrasemove a meeting or appointment to a later time
rain checkphrasea promise or offer to do something in the future that is not possible to do now