Daily Life - Opening a Bank Account(0032)

A:  Next, please. May I help you, sir?
B:  Hello, yes, I'd like to open a bank account.
A:  Certainly, I can can help you with that. What type of account would you like to open? A chequing or a savings account?
B:  What What features do they offer?
A:  Well, if you just take a look here, see, with our chequing account, you can have unlimited daily transactions for a small monthly fee, and our savings account has a higher interest rate, but you must carry a minimum balance of $ 10,000 dollars.
B:  I see, well, I think I'm more interested in a chequing account; I like to have easy access to my money.
A:  Alright, then, with this chequing account you'll be issued a debit card and a cheque book. Will you require overdraft protection? There is an extra fee for that.
B:  No, that won't be necessary.
A:  In that case, I'll get you to fill out this paperwork; I'll need your social insurance number, and two pieces of government ID. If you could just sign here, and here, and here; we'll be all set. Would you like to make a deposit today?
B:  Yes, I'd like to deposit one billion dollars.

Key Vocabulary

featurecommon noun, pluralinteresting or important quality
chequing accountcommon noun, singulara regular account for daily transations
transactioncommon noun, pluralan occurrence in which money is transfered from one person, or one account, to another
savings accountcommon noun, singularan account for people to keep their money, usually offers a higher interest rate
balancecommon noun, singularthe amount of money in a bank account
accesscommon noun, singulara way to get to something
debit cardcommon noun, singulara card for you to take money out of your bank account
overdraftcommon noun, singulartaking out more money than what is available in the account
I'll get youphrase(a way to ask people to do things)
I'll need yourphrase(a way to request people to provide something)
If you could justphrase(a polite way of asking people to do things)
depositcommon noun, singularan amount of money that is put in a bank account

Supplementary Vocabulary

credit cardcommon noun, singulara card to buy things and pay for them later
online bankingcommon noun, non-variablea service that allows people to do transactions online
telephone bankingcommon noun, non-variablea service that allows people to do transactions by phone
cheque bookcommon noun, singulara book of cheques for use with a chequing account
terms and conditionscommon noun, non-variablean outline of the rules and company policies of a particular product or service
high interest accountcommon noun, singulara savings account that offers higher than usual interest rate
tellercommon noun, singulara person working in a bank, who helps customers with daily transactions