Elementary - Foul!(0033)

A:  Has the game started yet?
B:  Yeah, about 5 minutes ago.
A:  Who’s winning?
B:  The Bulls, of course!
A:  What! That wasn’t a foul! C'mon, ref!
B:  Don't worry, Shaq always screws up free throws.
A:  You were right! He didn't make the shot!
B:  That was a great shot! A three pointer, yeah!
A:  Did you see that? He traveled and the ref didn't call it!
B:  This ref needs glasses. Hey ref, open your eyes! I can't believe he didn't see that!
A:  Okay... end of the first quarter... Alright, I'm gonna make a beer run.

Key Vocabulary

foulcommon noun, singularan act in sports that is against the rules
refereecommon noun, singularperson who makes sure that players act according to the rules in a game or sport (informal)
screw upverbmake a mistake
free throwcommon noun, plurala chance to shoot the ball due to a foul made by the opponent
make the shotverbsuccessfully throw a ball toward a goal (sports)
three pointercommon noun, singulara shot that scores three points in a game
travelverbtake more steps with the basketball than the rule allows
beer runcommon noun, non-variablethe act of quickly going to get beer

Supplementary Vocabulary

courtcommon noun, singularplace where basketball is played
assistcommon noun, singularan action where the ball is passed that helps score a goal
blockverbput your body between an opposing player and the ball
jump shotcommon noun, singularjump in the air and shoot the ball while
reboundverbgrab and control the ball after the other team missed a shot
stealverbintercept a pass between two players of the opposite team