Global View - Live from Washington(0034)

A:  This is Madeline Wright, for BCC News reporting live from Washington D. C. where, very shortly, the new President will deliver his inaugural address. Just moments ago, the President was sworn in to office; following the United States Constitution the president swore an oath to faithfully execute the office of the presidency.
B:  And what exactly is going on now, Madeline?
A:  Well, Tom, true to American tradition, the band has just played Hail to the Chief, and the President has been honored by a 21 gun salute. Now we're waiting for the President to take to the stage and deliver his speech. Tom, it's like a who's who of the political world here on Capital Hill, with dignitaries representing several different countries.
B:  What's the mood on the ground like, Madeline?
A:  In a word, the mood here is electric. The excitement in the air is palpable; I've never seen a larger crowd here on Capital Hill, and the audience is shouting crying, and embracing each other. On this, a most historic day, you can feel the hope and the excitement in the air. The twentieth of January will go down in history as the... Oh, Tom, it looks like the President is about to to begin...
C:  My fellow Americans, I stand before you...

Key Vocabulary

deliververbgive information by speaking; say something officially
swear inverbplace someone in a new position by holding an official ceremony where he promises to do the job well
oathcommon noun, singularofficial, serious promise
who's whophraseimportant and famous people in a particular industry
dignitarycommon noun, pluralperson with a high rank or position, especially in government or religion
palpableAdjectiveso strong you can feel it, obvious
in a wordphraseto describe something in one word
fellowAdjectiveused to describe people of the same group
go down in historyphrasebe remembered

Supplementary Vocabulary

ceremonycommon noun, singularactivity or action that are the official part of a formal official state or social occasion
festivitiescommon noun, non-variablecelebration, enjoyment, and happiness
president-electcommon noun, singulara person who has been voted president, but not yet officially made president
paradecommon noun, singulara public celebration of an event where many people move down a street in groups or on vehicles; usually involves a marching band
termcommon noun, singulartime allowed for one person to remain President after one election; in America a presidential term is four years
affirmationcommon noun, singulara show of agreement or dedication
inaugural luncheonphraseformal lunch celebrating the inauguration