Daily Life - He's not a Good Fit(0035)

A:  So, Lauren, I just wanted to talk to you quickly about our new customer support representative, Jason Huntley.
B:  Sure, what's up?
A:  Basically, I've got a few concerns about him, and the bottom line is, I don't think he's a good fit for our company.
B:  Okay... what makes you say that? I thought you were pleased with his overall performance. Didn't you just tell me last week how impressed you were with his attitude?
A:  Yeah, his attitude is great, but he's really unreliable. Sometimes he's really productive, but then other times... take last Tuesday for instance, he was forty-five minutes late for our morning meeting!
B:  Well, I'm sure he had a perfectly good reason...
A:  But that's not the only thing... you know, he really doesn't have the best work ethic, I'm constantly catching him on MSN and Facebook when he should be talking to clients.
B:  Yeah, but come on, Geoff, as if you don't check Facebook at work. Look, you hired this guy, we've invested a lot of time and money in his training, so now it's up to you to coach him. Make it work, Geoff!
A:  Make it work, Geoff. You would say that, wouldn't you, he is your cousin; what a jerk, make me hire your stupid, useless, cousin.

Key Vocabulary

concerncommon noun, pluralworry
phrasemost important point
performancecommon noun, singularhow well someone does their job
unreliableAdjectivenot able to be trusted
productiveAdjectivedoing a lot in a short amount of time
perfectly goodphrasehaving no problems, just fine
work ethiccommon noun, non-variableattitude to work
coachverbteach and train someone new skills

Supplementary Vocabulary

poor judgmentphraseregularly makes bad decisions
poor work ethicphrasebad attitude to work
dependableAdjectiveable to be trusted and relied upon
a bad applephrasea bad member of a group who makes things more difficult for others
unproductiveAdjectivenot productive, not doing a lot