Intermediate - Chinese New Year(0037)

A:  I'm so excited about Chinese New Year! When do I get to visit Grandma? Grandma makes the best dumplings in the world!
B:  Ha ha, right. Sounds to me like you're more excited about the dumplings than seeing your Grandma.
A:  Of course I miss Grandma, too. I bet she's gonna teach me how to play Mahjong! Hey, Dad, are you going to buy me firecrackers this year? We're going to have the best fireworks! I'm really looking forward to lighting them!
B:  Son, firecrackers aren't toys; they're dangerous!
A:  No, fireworks are awesome!
B:  Whoa, don't you remember? Last year when I set off the firecrackers, you covered both your ears and hid behind your mother?
A:  Dad! I was scared because... because I saw a bug. That's all.
B:  Hahaha... really?
A:  Oh, and I can't wait to watch the dragon dance! Dad, can I sit on your shoulders this time?
B:  Hey, I offered last year...
A:  Well, I... anyways, I was just thinking of the red envelopes. I wanna make a list of all the things I'm gonna buy with my red envelope money! I can't wait! I'm gonna have so much money! Mom, can I get a pen and a piece of paper?
A:  I want a new transformer, no, two transformers...the Optimus Prime, and...maybe the wheeljack? I'll get a PSP game, hahaha, and I'll buy the entire class lunch at MacDonald's...

Key Vocabulary

excitedAdjectivevery happy about something
dumplingcommon noun, pluralsmall lump of dough that is steamed or boiled, traditional Chinese New Year food
firecrackercommon noun, plurala cylinder filled with explosive substance that makes loud noise when it explodes
look forward tophraseexcited and happy about something that will happen in the future
can't waitphraseeager or excited about doing something or for something to begin
set offverbcause something to explode

Supplementary Vocabulary

Lunar New YearChinese New Year, based on the cycles of the moon
Spring FestivalChinese New Year
lunar calendarcommon noun, singulara calendar based on the cycles and phases of the moon
can hardly waitphrasevery excited about something that will happen in the future
impatientAdjectivenot happy or willing to wait for something