Daily Life - My New Boyfriend(0039)

A:  Irene! I heard you were on a date last night! So, how did it go? I want all the juicy details!
B:  Um... well, actually, we had a fantastic time last night. He was...amazing!
A:  Okay, now you really have to fill me in. What's he like?
B:  He's really good looking; he's quite tall, around 6'1'', he's in his early thirties, and he's got the most beautiful dark brown eyes...
A:  He sounds hot! What does he do for a living?
B:  You know what, this is the best part. David is a junior investment banker at Fortune Bank, so he's got a great career path ahead of him!
A:  Hold on a sec, his name is David?
B:  Yeah?
A:  That's my brother!

Key Vocabulary

hearverbget the information from someone
juicy detailcommon noun, pluralexciting pieces of information
fill me inverbgive me more information
good lookingAdjectivehandsome
career pathcommon noun, singulara planned, logical progression of jobs within a profession throughout working life

Supplementary Vocabulary

attractiveAdjectivehave a pleasing appearance
sexyAdjectiveattractive, exciting and appealing
tenderAdjectivevery loving and gentle
handsomeAdjectivegood looking