The Office - Can I ask you a favor?(0040)

A:  Um, sorry to bother you um... my name is Rachel. I'm new here. Can I ask you a favor?
B:  Hi Rachel, welcome on board. I'm afraid I can't help you right now. I'm getting ready for a very important meeting.
A:  Excuse me, but can I bother you for a sec?
C:  You know what? I'd love to help you, but I'm about to meet an important client. Do you wanna try Sean instead? He sits right over there.
A:  Sorry to interrupt you Sean, could you do me a quick favor?
D:  Actually, I'm working on a document that is due in a couple of minutes. I really can't talk to you right now. Sorry about that.
A:  Geeze! I just want to know where the bathroom is! What's wrong with you people!

Key Vocabulary

botherverbannoy or disturb someone
can I ask you a favorphraseask someone to do a kind and helpful thing
on boardphraseto the company
can I bother youphrasepolite way of asking if you can interrupt someone
insteadGeneral Adverbin the place of
sorry to interruptphrase used to begin speaking to someone when they are busy doing or saying something
do me a quick favordo a small, helpful thing that won't take a long time

Supplementary Vocabulary

help me outphrasehelp me
give me a handphrasehelp me with something
annoyverbcause someone to feel slightly angry
bugverbbother or annoy someone (informal)
disruptverbstop someone from working, or doing something