The Weekend - Movie Trailer(0041)

A:  In a digital world, even the strongest must fight for survival. Two people, possess a secret so valuable, so powerful, they have to defend it at all costs.
B:  I don't care where they are, I don't care what it takes... you find them and bring them to me!
A:  They only had one chance! And their chance was to fight back!
D:  You wanna play rough? Okay, say hello to my little friend!
A:  With a little help from a Governor...
C:  Listen to me! We have to get them outta there! No matter what!
A:  Nothing will prevent them from doing their job! Double the action.
D:  Get down!
A:  Triple the excitement.
D:  Get down again!
A:  This summer... nothing will stand in their way.
B:  I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.
A:  Two hosts, one podcast, coming to a theater near you.

Key Vocabulary

possessverbhave or own
survivalcommon noun, non-variablethe state of living and being alive
defendverbfight in order to keep something or someone safe
roughphrasebe tough,difficult, violent
no matter whatcommon noun, singulareven if it's difficult
get downphraselower your body, not standing
stand in someone's wayphraseprevent a person from doing something
at all costsphraseregardless of the cost involved, even if it's difficult

Supplementary Vocabulary

common noun, singulara very scary movie
comedycommon noun, singulara funny movie
romantic comedycommon noun, singulara funny movie where two people fall in love
animated filmcommon noun, singulara movie made with a series of drawings; not with live people
thrillercommon noun, singulara very exciting film
dramacommon noun, singulara movie about a serious subject