The Office - I Need More Time(0042)

A:  So, Casey, how are things going with the photos for the press kit?
B:  Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I might need to ask for an extension on that deadline.
A:  You've had over a month to get this finalized! Why are things delayed?
B:  Well, the thing is, we ran into a lot of problems...
A:  I'm not looking for excuses here. I just want to get this finished on time!
B:  I know, and I apologize for the delay. But some things were just beyond my control. I had trouble booking the the photographer, and then Michael was sick for three weeks, so I couldn't include him in the photos, and the design team lost all the files, so I had to redo the pictures.
A:  I'm not going to put this off any longer, Casey! I want those photos ASAP!

Key Vocabulary

press kitcommon noun, singulargroup of photos, documents, articles, and information about a company given to reporters, newspapers, magazines, etc.
I've been meaning toverbintend, plan to do something
extensioncommon noun, singularmake a deadline longer, extra time to do something
deadlinecommon noun, singularthe date when something must be finished
finalizeverbfinish, decide on all the details
run intophrasemeet or encounter
beyond someone's controlphrasenot able to control something
put (something) offverbplan to do something later

Supplementary Vocabulary

dueAdjectivethe date when something must be finished or happen
verbnot do something now that should be done; do something later procrastinate
behindAdjectivelate with a project or things you have to do
hold upphrasedelay or slow something
tight deadlinephrasea deadline that is really difficult to meet