Daily Life - Applying for a Visa(0043)

A:  So, you're applying for a B2 visa, where is your final destination and what's the purpose of your trip to the United States?
B:  I'm going to visit my brother; he's just had a baby. He lives in Minneapolis.
A:  And how long do you you plan to remain in the United States?
B:  I'll be here for approximately three weeks. See, here's my return ticket for the twenty-sixth of March.
A:  And, who is sponsoring your trip?
B:  My brother, here, this is an invitation letter from him. I will stay with him and his family in their home.
A:  Alright, tell me about the ties you have to your home country.
B:  Well, I own a house; actually, I'm leaving my dog there with my neighbors. I have a car at home, and oh, my job! I'm employed by Tornel as an engineer. Actually, I only have three weeks' vacation, so I have to go back to work at the end of March.
A:  And what evidence do you have that you are financially independent?
B:  Well, I do have assets in my country; like I said, I own a house, and see, here's a bank statement showing my investments, and my bank balance.
A:  I'm sorry, sir, we cannot grant you a B2 visa at this time, instead, you are granted a resident visa! Congratulations, you are the millionth person to apply for a visa! You win! Congratulations!

Key Vocabulary

remainprinciple verb, infinitivestay
approximatelyAdjectivean amount that is almost, but not exact
sponsorprinciple verb, present progressivesomeone who takes the responsibility for a person applying for a visa
invitation lettercommon noun, singulara formal letter asking a person to come to a place
tiecommon noun, pluralresponsibility that links a person to a place or a thing
evidencecommon noun, non-variablesomething that shows the thing is true
financially independentphrasehave enough money to live alone; do not need help with money
assetscommon noun, pluralthings that are worth money that you own
grantprinciple verb, present simplelet you have something

Supplementary Vocabulary

visa officercommon noun, singulara person who's job is to interview people for visas
resident permitcommon noun, singularan official document that allows you to live in a country
embassycommon noun, singularthe group of people who represent your country in another country, located in the capital city
application formcommon noun, singulara piece of paper you have to put information on to make a formal request
consulatecommon noun, singulargovernment building representing your country in another country; not located in a capital city