Daily Life - Small Talk(0044)

A:  Morning.
B:  Hi there, Mr. Anderson! How are you on this fine morning?
A:  Fine, thank you.
B:  It sure is cold this morning, isn't it? I barely even got out of bed!
A:  Yeah. It’s pretty cold, alright.
B:  Did you catch the news this morning? I heard that there was a fire on Byron Street.
A:  No, I didn't hear about that.
B:  Did you happen to watch the football game last night? The Patriots scored in the last minute!
A:  No, I don’t like football.
B:  Oh… By the way, I saw you with your daughter at the office Christmas party. She is really beautiful!
A:  She’s my wife! Oh, here’s my floor! Nice talking to you. Goodbye.
B:  Sir, this is the fifty-sixth floor! We are on the seventieth!
A:  That’s okay, I'll take the stairs!

Key Vocabulary

It sure isphraseAffirmation or confirmation of something
barely evenGeneral Adverbhardly, could almost not
catchverbhear, listen to
Did you happen tophraseBy chance or casualty someone did something
By the wayphrasephrased used to interject another topic in a conversation
take the stairsphrasego up the stairs, use the stairs

Supplementary Vocabulary

small talkshort, firendly conversation about things that are not important
chatverbtalk (informal)
networkverbtalk with people to form business connections
awkwardAdjectivedifficult to deal with
uncomfortableAdjectivea feeling of being embarrassed or uneasy