Daily Life - Emergency Room(0046)

A:  Help! Are you a doctor? My poor little Frankie has stopped breathing! Oh my gosh, Help me! I tried to perform CPR, but I just don’t know if I could get any air into his lungs! Oh, Frankie!
B:  Ellen, get him hooked up to a monitor! Someone page Dr. Howser. Get the patient to hold still, I can’t get a pulse! Okay, he’s on the monitor. His BP is falling! He's flatlining!
A:  NOOOOOO! Frankie! Nurse! Do something!
B:  Someone get her out of here! Get me the defibrillator. Okay, clear! Again! Clear! Come on! dammit! I'm not letting you go! Clear! I've got a pulse!
C:  Okay, what’s happening?
B:  The patient is in acute respiratory failure, I think we’re going to have to intubate!
C:  Alright! Tube’s in! Bag him! Someone give him 10 cc's of adrenaline! Let’s go, people move, move!
A:  Doctor, oh, thank god! How is he?
B:  We managed to stabilize Frankie, but he’s not out of the woods yet; he’s still in critical condition. We’re moving him to intensive care, but…
A:  Doctor, just do whatever it takes. I just want my little Frankie to be okay. I couldn’t imagine life without my little hamster!

Key Vocabulary

intensive carecommon noun, singularplace in the hospital where very ill patients are treated
critical conditionAdjectivestate where a person is very sick or injured, and has a risk of dying
out of the woodsphraseout trouble or danger,
stabilizeverbstop a patient from getting worse
intubateverbplace a plastic tube in a persons mouth to facilitate breathing
acute respiratory failurecommon noun, singularcondition in which a person stops breathing
defibrillatorcommon noun, singularelectric machine that shocks the heart and makes it start working again
BPcommon noun, singularblood pressure
flatlineverbcondition where the heart stops working
pulsecommon noun, singularthe number of times your heart beats per minute
hold stillphrasenot move
hook upphraseconnect someone or something to a machine
CPRcommon noun, singularprocedure in which air is blown into another persons lungs though their mouth

Supplementary Vocabulary

chest compressionscommon noun, pluralact of pushing on someone's chest to restart their heart
resuscitateverbmake someone who stopped breathing start breathing again
defibrillatorcommon noun, singularmachine that uses electricity to shock and restart the heart
ERphraseEmergency Room; place in the hospital where you bring sick or injured people in an emergency
ICUphraseIntensive Care Unit; place in the hospital where very sick or severely injured people are taken care of