Intermediate - Carnival in Rio!(0048)

A:  I can't believe we're here! Carnival in Rio! Seriously, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity! Can you believe it? We're here at the biggest party in the world!
B:  I know! We're so lucky that we found tickets for the Sambadrome! Good thing we found that ticket scalper.
A:  Look! It's starting! Wow, this is amazing! Look at how many dancers there are. Oh my gosh! The costumes are so colorful! This is so cool!
B:  It says here that the school that is dancing now is one of the oldest and most prestigious samba schools in Rio.
A:  No kidding! Look at them, they're amazing! Look at that girl on the top of that float! She must be the carnival queen! Move over there so I can get a picture of you!
B:  Ok. Hurry up take the picture!
C:  join us! come and dance!
B:  Oh really.... no I can't. No really, I don't know how to dance! Honey I'll see you later!
A:  Patrick! Don't just leave me here!

Key Vocabulary

prestigiousAdjectivebeing respected and admired for being successful or important
ticket scalpercommon noun, singularperson that buys and re-sales tickets at a higher price
once in a lifetimephrasesomething that happens very rarely, not common
floatcommon noun, singulara vehicle with a platform used to carry an exhibit in a parade
good thingphraseit is good that something happened

Supplementary Vocabulary

stadiumcommon noun, singulara large structure where sport events are held
festivalcommon noun, singulara special time or event when people gather to celebrate something
Brasiliathe capital of Brazil
take a chancephrasetake a risk, do something that you would not usually do
ditchverbleave someone on purpose (informal)