Daily Life - Daddy Please!(0049)

A:  Hey daddy! You look great today; I like your tie! By the way, I was wondering can I…
B:  NO!
A:  I haven’t even told you what it is yet!
B:  Okay, okay, what do you want?
A:  Do you think I could borrow the car? I'm going to a concert tonight.
B:  Um.. I don't think so. I need the car tonight to pick up your mother.
A:  Ugg! I told you about it last week! Smelly Toes is playing, and Eric asked if I would go with him!
B:  Who’s this Eric guy?
A:  Duh! He’s like the hottest and most popular guy at school! Come on, dad! Please!
B:  No can do... sorry.
A:  Fine then! Would you mind giving me 100 bucks?
B:  No way!
A:  That's so unfair!

Key Vocabulary

by the wayphraseused to change the topic of a conversation
wonderverbthink about if something is possible
concertcommon noun, singulara public performance of music
pick upverbgo and get
popularAdjectivevery well known and well liked
buckscommon noun, pluralinformal word for dollars
unfairAdjectivenot fair, not just

Supplementary Vocabulary

suitcommon noun, singulara set of clothes that usually consists of a jacket and a skirt or pair of pants that are made out of the same material
playcommon noun, singulara piece of writing that tells a story through the actions and words of characters and that is performed on a stage
drop offphraseto go and leave someone at a certain place
no wayphraseI cannot do it, it is not possible
lendprinciple verb, present simpleto give (something) to (someone) to be used for a period of time and then returned