Daily Life - New Guy In Town III(0050)

A:  Please make yourselves at home. Let me take your coats. Dinner is almost ready; I hope you brought your appetite
B:  Your house is lovely, Armand! Very interesting decor...very...Gothic.
C:  I think it's amazing! You have such good taste, Armand. I'm thinking of re-decorating my house; maybe you could give me a few pointers?
A:  It would be my pleasure. Please have a seat. Can I offer you a glass of wine?
C:  We would love some!
A:  Here you are. A very special merlot brought directly from my home country. It has a unique ingredient which gives it a pleasant aroma and superior flavor.
C:  Mmm... it's delicious!
B:  It's a bit bitter for my taste... almost tastes like... like...
C:  Ellen! Ellen! Are you okay?
A:  Did she pass out?
C:  Yeah...
A:  I hope that you didn't poison her drink too much! You'll ruin our meal!

Key Vocabulary

flavorcommon noun, singularthe way something tastes
aromacommon noun, singularthe way something smells
pointercommon noun, pluraltips, advice, hints
make yourselves at homephraseget comfortable and feel like you are in your own home
good tastephraserefers to liking nice things
bitterAdjectiveopposite of sweet
pass outverbfaint, loss consciousness

Supplementary Vocabulary

sweetAdjectivecontaining a lot of sugar
have a seatphrasesit down, take a seat
spikeprinciple verb, present simpleto add alcohol or drugs to (food or drink)
sourAdjectivehaving an acid taste that is like the taste of a lemon
exclusiveAdjectiveonly allowing in people from a high social class