The Weekend - What a Bargain!(0051)

A:  Hello. May I help you?
B:  Yeah, this dress is really nice! How much is it?
A:  That one is one hundred and fifty dollars.
B:  One hundred and fifty dollars? What about this other one over here?
A:  That's one hundred and forty dollars.
B:  Hmm...that's a bit out of my price range. Can you give me a better deal?
A:  This is an exclusive design by DaMarco! It's a bargain at that price.
B:  Well, I don't know. I think I'll shop around.
A:  Okay, okay, how about one hundred dollars?
B:  That's still more than I wanted to spend. What if I take both dresses?
A:  Okay, I can give you a special discount, just because you seem like a nice person. One hundred and ninety dollars for both.
B:  I don't know... It's still a bit pricey.... Thanks anyway.
A:  Okay, my final price! One hundred dollars for both! That's two for the price of one. That's my last offer!
B:  Great! You've got a deal!

Key Vocabulary

bargaincommon noun, singulara good deal, a cheap price
shop aroundphraselook in many stores and try to find the best price
discountcommon noun, singulara lowering of the price of something
exclusiveAdjectivenot common, unique
out of my price rangephrasetoo expensive, can't afford it
offercommon noun, singularan opportunity to buy something at a low price
dealcommon noun, singularagreement to buy something

Supplementary Vocabulary

promotioncommon noun, singulara special discount or offer on goods and services
cashcommon noun, singularmoney in the form of coins and bills
credit cardcommon noun, singularcard that is used to buy things and pay at a later time
negotiateprinciple verb, present simpleto discuss and fight for a better price
freebiecommon noun, singulara free item that is usually given to promote a product