Daily Life - Pizza Delivary(0052)

A:  Good evening, Pizza House. This is Marty speaking. May I take your order?
B:  Um yes… I’d like a medium pizza with pepperoni, olives, and extra cheese.
A:  We have a two-for-one special on large pizzas. Would you like a large pizza instead?
B:  Sure, that sounds good.
A:  Great! Would you like your second pizza to be the same as the first?
B:  No, make the second one with ham, pineapple and green peppers. Oh, and make it thin crust.
A:  Okay, thin crust. Your total is $21.50 and your order will arrive in thirty minutes or it's free!
B:  Perfect. Thank you. Bye..
A:  Sir, wait!! I need your address!

Key Vocabulary

mediumAdjectivean average size, not too big or small
totalAdjectivecomplete amount you must pay
insteadGeneral Adverbin replacement of
sounds goodverbseems or appears to be okay, I agree
pepperonicommon noun, singulara spicy sausage usually on pizza
olivecommon noun, plurala small, egg-shaped black or green fruit that is used as food or for making oil
crustcommon noun, singularthe border of a pizza, or bread
two-for-onephrasepay for one and get another one free

Supplementary Vocabulary

totalcommon noun, singularsum of everything
fast foodcommon noun, singularfood that is quickly made and convenient if you are in a hurry
deliverycommon noun, singulartransported or taken to your house
doughcommon noun, singulara mix of flour and water that is used to make the base of a pizza
take-outAdjectivefood you take away from the restaurant to eat (AmE)