The Weekend - Head Chef(0053)

A:  ...Right away sir, your order will be ready shortly. Jean Pierre, we have another special for table seven!
B:  I'm working as fast as I can! We're really in the weeds! Where is my sous chef? Luc! I need you to peel more potatoes. Marie, chop some onions and carrots for the stew.
A:  Jean Pierre another special! We're really packed tonight! We're running low on wine. Is there any left in the cellar?
C:  Sorry I'm late, everyone. Wow, we are doing really well tonight!
B:  Harry, stop talking and get over here I need this sauce stirred and the fish needs to be butchered and buttered.
C:  Ok, I'm on it!
A:  Jean Pierre, table seven has requested to see the chef! I think they are food critics from Cuisine Magazine

Key Vocabulary

butterAdjectiveput butter on something
butcherAdjectivecut meat into pieces taking out bones and organs
Right awayphrasequickly, as soon as possible
in the weedsphrasein a difficult situation
sous chefcommon noun, singularchef that helps and assists the head chef
peelverbremove the outter skin of a fruit or vegetable
chopverbcut into small pieces
running low onphraseto not have so much, having not enough
stirAdjectivemove or mix something; usually with a spoon

Supplementary Vocabulary

bakeverbto cook food at very high and dry heat
pancommon noun, singulara usually shallow and open metal container that has a handle and that is used for cooking or baking
potcommon noun, singulara deep, round container that is used for cooking
diceverbto cut something into small cubes
stovecommon noun, singulara flat piece of kitchen equipment for cooking with fire