Intermediate - I'm Sorry I Love You V(0054)

A:  Honey, of course I forgive you! I love you so much! I've really missed you. I was wrong to get upset over nothing.
B:  I'm sorry I haven't called or anything, but right after you decided you wanted a break, I was called up north to put out some major forest fires! I was in the middle of nowhere, working day and night, trying to prevent the blaze from spreading! It was pretty intense.
A:  Oh, honey, I'm glad you're okay! But I have some exciting news... I think I'm pregnant!
B:  Really? Wow, that's amazing! This is great news! I've always wanted to be a father! We'll go to the doctor first thing in the morning!
C:  We have your test results back and, indeed, you are pregnant. Let's see here... everything seems to be in order. Your approximate due date is October twenty-seventh two thousand and nine, so that means that the baby was conceived on February third, two thousand and nine.
B:  Are you sure? Are these things accurate?
C:  Well, yes sir, they are.
A:  What's wrong? Why are you asking these questions?
B:  This baby isn't mine! I was away the first week of February at a training seminar!
A:  I... I... no, it can't be...

Key Vocabulary

accurateAdjectivehaving no mistakes or errors
conceivedprinciple verb, past simplebe created
due datephrasedate when the doctor thinks the baby will be born
everything seems to be in orderphraseeverything is okay, everything is normal
first thing in the morningphraseearly in the morning
breakcommon noun, singulartemporary stop in a romantic relationship
in the middle of nowherephrasefar from a city or town
blazecommon noun, singulara large, strong, dangerous fire

Supplementary Vocabulary

firefightercommon noun, singulara person whose job is to put out fires (male or female)
the booniesphrasea place far from cities or towns (informal)
first thing in the afternoonphraseearly in the afternoon, before anything else
pregnancy testcommon noun, singulara medical test done to see if a woman is pregnant
check-upcommon noun, singularan appointment to see the doctor to make sure the person is healthy