Intermediate - Hockey(0055)

A:  Hello everyone! I'm Rick Fields, and here with me is Bob Copeland.
B:  Howdy folks, and welcome to today's game! You know, Rick, today is a key game between Russia and Canada. As you know, the winner will move on to the finals.
A:  That's right, and it looks like we're just about ready to start the match. The ref is calling the players for the face-off... and here we go! The Russians win possession and immediately set up their attack! Federov gets checked hard into the boards!
B:  Maurice Richard has the puck now, and passes it to the center. He shoots! Wow what a save by the goalie!
A:  Alright, the puck is back in play now. Pavel Bure is on a breakaway! He is flying down the ice! The defenders can't keep up! Slap shot! He scores
B:  What an amazing goal!

Key Vocabulary

goaliecommon noun, singularposition in hockey; person who tries to stop the puck from going in the net
breakawaycommon noun, singularstate of becoming separated from a large group (especially in sports)
savecommon noun, singularthe act of preventing a ball or puck from going in the net
puckcommon noun, singularsmall, round, black object that is used to play hockey
win possessionphraseget control
checkverbuse your body to push someone in hockey
refcommon noun, singularperson who makes sure the players follow the rules in a game
face-offcommon noun, singulara way of beginning a game by dropping the puck between two players
keyAdjectivevery important
finalscommon noun, plurallast game or series of games in a tournament or championship

Supplementary Vocabulary

hockey stickcommon noun, singularlong wooden stick shaped like an L; used for playing hockey
arenacommon noun, singularlarge building where sports are played
rinkcommon noun, singularice surface used to play hockey or skate on
NHLNational Hockey League; group of professional hockey teams that play in Canada and the US
leaguecommon noun, singulara group of sports teams that play against each other