Daily Life - Planning a Bank Robbery(0056)

A:  All right, so this is what we are going to do. I've carefully mapped this out, so don't screw it up. Mr. Rabbit, you and Mr. Fox will go into the bank wearing these uniforms. We managed to get replicas of the one the guards wear when they pick up the money.
B:  Got it.
C:  No problem, boss.
A:  When you get inside, tell them that you are filling in for Carl and Tom, and say that they are on another route today. Don't lose your cool. Just act natural.
B:  What if they want to call and confirm?
A:  You let him.
C:  What!?
A:  Don’t worry, we have the phones tapped, so the call will be patched through to me, and I’ll pretend to be the transport company.
B:  Ha ha, you are so clever boss!
A:  Okay, shut up. Only take as much money as you can fit in these bags. Don’t get greedy! Are you ready? Let's go.

Key Vocabulary

screw upverbmess up, make a mistake, fail
map outverbplanned, thought of
patch (someone) throughphraseconnect or communicate over the telephone
tapverbattach a device to a phone line to listen secretly
greedyAdjectivewant too much; always wanting more
loose (someone's) coolphraseto not control your feeling or emotions
cleverAdjectivesmart, intelligent
replicacommon noun, plurala reproduction or copy of a product

Supplementary Vocabulary

heistcommon noun, singularthe act of stealing something from a shop or a bank (AmE, Informal)
bustcommon noun, singularan event where the police catch people doing a crime
banditcommon noun, singularcriminal who attacks and steals from people who travel
burglarycommon noun, singularillegally entering a house or building to steal
escape routecommon noun, singulara planned way of going from one place to another and escaping