The Office - Malfunction(0057)

A:  Hey Carl, can you make a copy of this contract for me please? When you have it ready, send it out ASAP to our subbranch.
B:  Sure! Um... I think I broke this thing. Maxine, can you help me out here? I'm not really a tech guy.
C:  Yeah, sure. I think it's just out of toner. You can go use the other one upstairs. On your way up, can you fax this while I try and fix this thing?
B:  Sure! Dammit! Everything in this office seems to be breaking down! Never mind. I'll send this stupid fax later. Oh great! Is someone playing a practical joke on me? This is ridiculous!
D:  The elevator has some sort of malfunction. Just take the stairs dude. What floor are you going to?
B:  I have to go up fifteen floors! Never mind. Made it! There is the copier!

Key Vocabulary

ASAPphraseas soon as possible
techcommon noun, non-variabletechnology
tonercommon noun, non-variableink used in a printer or photocopier
on (someone's) wayphrasewhile moving from one place to another
break downverbsuddenly stop working
never mindphraseforget the last thing I said; don't worry about it
practical jokecommon noun, singulara joke where something is done, rather than said
ridiculousAdjectivevery unreasonable or silly
malfunctioncommon noun, singulara problem causing a thing to stop working properly

Supplementary Vocabulary

bugcommon noun, singulara technical problem that causes a computer or system to not work properly
office equipmentcommon noun, non-variabletools used in an office
paper jamcommon noun, singularpaper getting stuck in a photocopier, fax machine, or printer
damageverbbreak or harm something, make something not work properly, or not look perfect
power surgecommon noun, singularan increase in electrical current that can damage electric equipment
breakdowncommon noun, singularthe act of a machine suddenly not working properly