Daily Life - New Guy in Town IV(0060)

A:  All right, drag her over here, and help me tie her up.
B:  I can't believe she fell for it! She is a lot more gullible than I thought!
A:  Well, you gotta admit, my acting was brilliant!
B:  Whatever. I was the one that convinced her to come. Look, she's waking up.
C:  What's going on? Ellen? What are you doing?
A:  The cat's out of the bag, you witch! You can stop pretending, now!
B:  Yeah Lois, we know who you are! Now, we want some answers! Why are you here?
C:  Fools! You don't know who you're dealing with! You can't stop me!
B:  Run!

Key Vocabulary

fall for itphrasebelieve a lie
tie upphraseto attach someone or something with a rope or string
dragprinciple verb, present simplemove something usually heavy
the cat's out of the bagphrasethe truth is revealed,
gullibleAdjectiveeasily believing something that is not true, easily fooled

Supplementary Vocabulary

frankAdjectiveused to say that someone is speaking or writing in a very direct and honest way
compulsive liarcommon noun, singularperson that can't tell the truth, lies about anything
disorientedAdjectivestate of not knowing where you are, confused
spill the beansphrasetell the truth when you don't really want to; tell someone everything
wizardcommon noun, singularthe male form of a witch; man that practices magic