The Weekend - Swim faster!(0061)

A:  This is such a beautiful day! Great for sailing!
B:  It sure is! The water looks so nice! Anchor the boat for a little while. I'm going to take a dip.
A:  Why are you doggy-paddling? I taught you how to swim! Do your breast stroke!
B:  I get too tired! I'll just backstroke, it's easier!
A:  Try kicking your legs more. That's good. Don't go out too far!
B:  It's Jump in!
A:  Kathy! Get back here! I see a shark!
B:  Ahhhh!!!! Help me! Help! Bring the boat closer! The shark is coming straight towards me!
A:  It's right under you! Kathy!!!!!

Key Vocabulary

sailverbtravel in a boat that is powered by wind
for a little whilephrasefor a short amount of time
a dipphrasea swim
doggy-paddleverbswim like a dog
breast strokecommon noun, non-variableway of swimming where the person moves the arms and legs in a half-circle in front of them; like a frog
backstrokeverbswim on your back with arms moving up and down in a circle
straight towardsphrasedirectly in the direction of something

Supplementary Vocabulary

swim suitcommon noun, singularclothes you wear when you go swimming (AmE)
swimming costumecommon noun, singularclothes you wear when you go swimming (BrE)
towelcommon noun, singularpiece of soft cloth you use to dry yourself after swimming or bathing
tanverblie in the sun and try to make your skin more brown
diveverbjump into the water with your head first