The Office - Receptionist(0063)

A:  Good afternoon. May I help you?
B:  Yes, I'm here to see Joanna Stevens. I have an appointment at four.
A:  Certainly, may I take your name? I'll let her know you've arrived.
B:  Sure, it's Josh O'Neil.
A:  Ms. Stevens will be with you momentarily. Can I offer you something to drink?
B:  Yes, a coffee would be nice, thank you.
A:  Here you are. Ms. Stevens is ready for you now. I'll show you to her office, right this way.
A:  Just watch your step here...

Key Vocabulary

certainlyGeneral Adverbwith out doubt; of course
may I take your namephrasepolite way to ask for someone's name
let (someone) knowphrasetell someone
momentarilyGeneral Adverbin a very short time
be ready for youphraseis prepared to meet with you
show (someone) tophraseshow a person the way to a place
right this wayphrasephrase you use to show someone the direction to walk

Supplementary Vocabulary

administrative assistantcommon noun, singularsecretary
lobbycommon noun, singularthe waiting area of a building
front deskcommon noun, singularthe desk at the entrance of a building where the receptionist sits
field callsphrasereceive and direct phone calls
switchboardcommon noun, singulara system used to connect phone calls to many different phone lines within a building