Daily Life - I'm Sorry I Love You VI(0064)

A:  This is ridiculous! I can't believe you've been sleeping with someone else! How could you do this! You know what? I'm out of here!
B:  Wait! Doctor how is this possible? I haven't cheated on my boyfriend!
C:  I have something to confess... I'm sorry Veronica, I lied.
B:  Wait... what? What do do you mean?
C:  I lied. You aren't even pregnant; there's no bun in the oven. I was just so overwhelmed with jealousy that I couldn't help myself. Veronica I love you!
B:  What are you talking about!!! Who are you?
C:  It's me! Daniel, don't you remember me? From high school. I sat behind you every day in class! I used to go to every football game and watch you in the cheerleading squad!
B:  You are insane! We never even spoke! Why did you lie like that to my boyfriend?
C:  Because Veronica... It's not fair! I love you; I have since the first day we met! Everything was going fine until that jerk came into the picture and ruined everything! I went to med school and became a doctor for you! You always said how you wanted to marry a doctor! You will be mine now... one way or another...
A:  I heard everything, you lying bastard! Get your hands off her!

Key Vocabulary

ruinprinciple verb, past simpledestroy
bastardcommon noun, singularan cruel or unkind person
jealousycommon noun, plurala feeling of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position.
insaneAdjectivevery crazy
overwhelmedAdjectivestate of being affected deeply in mind or emotion
bun in the ovenphraseinformal way of saying: pregnant
confessprinciple verb, infinitiveto admit (a fault or crime)
ridiculousAdjectiveabsurd, not logical

Supplementary Vocabulary

eavesdropverblisten to another person's conversation
split up withphraseend a relationship with
deceitcommon noun, non-variabledishonest behavior
a homewreckerphrasea person who has a relationship with a married man or a married woman
a fraudcommon noun, singulara person who is not who they seem; a person who lies
unfaithfulAdjectiveto have a sexual relationship with someone who is not your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend