The Office - Job Interview III(0065)

A:  Very good. Now, I have a couple of final questions.
B:  I hope they're not too hard!
A:  Well, why should we hire you?
B:  I think that I would be a perfect fit in this company. I have a unique combination of strong technical acumen, and outstanding soft skills; you know, I excel at building strong, long-term customer relationships. For example, when I headed the customer support department in my previous company, our team solved about seventy percent of our customers' problems. I decided that we needed better information and technical preparation on our products, so after I implemented a series of training sessions in coordination with our technical department, we were able to solve ninety percent of our customers' issues. Given the opportunity, I could bring this kind of success to this company.
A:  Impressive! So, what would you consider to be your greatest weakness?
B:  To be honest, I struggle with organization and time management. Punctuality has never been a strength of mine. I find it hard to organize my time efficiently. I have actually addressed this weakness recently, by attending a workshop on efficient time management. It helped me a lot, by providing me with great insights on how to get organized and use my time efficiently, so I think I'm getting better now.
A:  Great... Well, let me tell you that I am very pleased with this interview. We are short-listing our candidates this week, and next week we will inform our short listed candidates of the day and time for a second interview with our CEO.
B:  Great, thanks a lot! I hope to hear from you! Good bye.

Key Vocabulary

a perfect fitphrasethe right person for the job
acumencommon noun, singularthe ability to think clearly and make good decisions
excelverbbe superior to, among the best
headverbto be the leader of something
implementverbto make something active or effective
training sessionphrasea meeting where people acquire skills and knowledge about a subject
struggleverbhave a difficult time
punctualityAdjectivearriving or doing something at the expected or planned time
addressverbto deal with (a matter, issue, problem, etc.)
short listverbto select a few candidates in order to make a final selection or decision

Supplementary Vocabulary

prospectcommon noun, singularsomeone or something that is likely to succeed or to be chosen
CVcommon noun, singularcurriculum vitae; a short document that describes your education, work experience, etc.
shortcomingcommon noun, singulara weakness that someone has
assetcommon noun, singulara valuable or beneficial thing or ability that a person has
triumphcommon noun, singulara great success or achievement a person has/ triumph