The Office - Calling The Office(0066)

A:  Ello-hay, Aniel-day eaking-spay, ow-hay ay-may I elp-hay ou-yay
B:  Ay-hay, Aniel-day, Ulie-jay ere-hay
A:  Ay-hay, Ulie-jay, ow-hay are ou-yay?
B:  Actually, I’m eeling-fay ite-quay ill otday-tay.
A:  I’m orry-say oo-tay ear-hay, at-they. ut-way is ong-wray?
B:  I ink-thay I’m oming-cay own-day ith-way uh-they oo-flay. I ave-hay a eadache-hay, a ore-say oat-thray and I’m eeling-fay ighly-slay everish-fay.
A:  I ee-say. O-say ou’re-yay alling-cay in ick-say?
B:  Es-yay, I uz-way oping-hay oo-tay ake-tay uh-they ay-day off oo-tay eecover-ray.
A:  Ok, en-they. Ay-tray and et-gay ome-say est-ray.

Key Vocabulary

Supplementary Vocabulary