The Weekend - Soccer(0067)

A:  Welcome back, soccer fans. My name is Rick Fields and, as always, I am joined by my commentating wingman, Bob Copeland.
B:  And we're on the brink of soccer history today, as Ecuador and Brazil are tied one-one as we begin the second half of the 2022 World Cup!
A:  The ref calls the players for the kick off, and here we go! Ecuador quickly passes the ball to the midfield, but, ohhh, it's out of bounds.
B:  That will be a throw in for Brazil. Adriano has the ball and makes a long pass to Robinho, and the ref has called him offside.
A:  No question about it. He was offside by a mile! We have a goal kick for Ecuador. Edison Mendez heads it to Valenica, he shoots! Deflected by the defender and we have a corner kick.
B:  Delgado takes the corner. We have a foul! Oh no, Dida, the goalkeeper, has fouled the Ecuadorian player! He gets a yellow card and that will be a penalty kick!
A:  This is the perfect opportunity for Ecuador to get ahead in this match and become World Champions! He gets ready for the kick. He shoots! and he...

Key Vocabulary

wingmancommon noun, singulara person who provides help, support, or protection
on the brinkphraseat a critical point
tiedAdjectivehaving the same score
kick offcommon noun, singularthe first movement or kick of the ball to begin the game
throw incommon noun, singularaction of throwing the ball onto the field with your hands to restart the game
no question about itphrasethere is no doubt, it is correct
by a milephrasea lot
foulcommon noun, singularillegal action committed against a player
penalty kickcommon noun, singulara kick against only the goalkeeper as a reward for a foul
goal kickcommon noun, singularwhen the goalie kicks the ball to re-start play
corner kickcommon noun, singularwhen a player kicks the ball from a corner after a penalty
out of boundsphraseoutside the area that is allowed for play
offsideAdjectivea position on the opponent's part of the field where your are not allowed to be

Supplementary Vocabulary

goalkeepercommon noun, singularperson who prevents the ball from going into the net (BrE)
defendercommon noun, singularperson who prevents the other team from getting near the net
matchcommon noun, singulargame (BrE)
pitchcommon noun, singularsoccer field (BrE)
championshipcommon noun, singularfinal game in a series that determines the overall winner