The Office - Groundbreaking Research(0068)

A:  We've been over this a thousand times. The data is irrefutable! Look, we've done extensive research, built studies, and read the literature, and there is conclusive evidence to support my theory!
B:  Horowitz, I beg to differ. Even in your most recent study, the investigative approach was flawed! You know as well as I do that the collection of data was not systematic, and there is a large margin of error. To draw a definitive conclusion based on that data would be misleading
A:  That is preposterous!
B:  You are trying to single-handedly solve one of the world's greatest mysteries, and yet you are oblivious to the fact that you are wrong!
A:  I am not wrong! The chicken came first!
B:  No! The egg came first!

Key Vocabulary

definitive conclusionphrasea final judgment that is not able to be changed; that is final
single-handedlyAdjectivedo something on your own, without help
investigative approachphraseway of looking for information
flawedAdjectivehaving errors or mistake
preposterousAdjectivecrazy, foolish, or silly
oblivious tophraseunaware or don't know
extensive researchphrasevery full and complete study to find information
systematicAdjectiveusing a careful system or method
irrefutableAdjectivecorrect; not able to be proved wrong

Supplementary Vocabulary

associated withphraselinked or connected with
circumstantial evidencephrasea collection of facts that implies or suggests something to be true, but does not prove it
indicateverbshow something to be true
a compelling casephrasean argument that is capable of making people believe that point of view
determineverbfind out if something is true