Daily Life - How Would You Like Your Eggs?(0069)

A:  Wow, you're up early today! What's for breakfast?
B:  Well, I felt like baking, so I made some muffins.
A:  Smells good! I'll make some coffee. Do you want me to make you some eggs?
B:  Sure, I’ll take mine, sunny side up.
A:  Eww, I don't know how you can eat your eggs like that! Ever since I was small, I've had eggs and soldiers.
B:  You know, my dad had scrambled eggs eggs every morning for twenty years. It drove my mom crazy!
A:  You know what really drives me crazy? When I ask for soft boiled eggs, and they overcook them, so they come out hard boiled! How can you dip your toast into a hard boiled egg?
B:  You're so picky sometimes.
A:  Here you go, honey, fried eggs.
B:  Dammit! I asked for sunny side up! How many times do I have to tell you.

Key Vocabulary

bakecook in the oven
muffincommon noun, plurala small break or cake people usually eat for breakfast
sunny-side upphrasewith egg fried on only one side
eggs and soldiersphrasesoft-boiled eggs with strips of buttered toast on it which people usually eat for breakfast
scrambled eggscommon noun, non-variablea way of cooking eggs by mixing them in a pan
soft boiled eggphraseeggs cooked in the shell so the yellow part is still soft and wet
hard boiled eggphraseegg cooked in the shell until the inside becomes solid
pickyAdjectivetoo careful at selecting things and usually hard to please
eggcommon noun, pluralthe egg of a bird (especially a chicken or a duck) people usually eat as food

Supplementary Vocabulary

hencommon noun, singularfemale chicken
over-easyAdjectivean egg friend on both sides; cooked so the yolk is still soft
common noun, singulareggs mixed, then cooked, and then folded in half;
yolkcommon noun, singularthe yellow part of the egg
egg whitecommon noun, singularthe white part of the egg
frying pancommon noun, singulara large, flat pot used for cooking eggs and other things