Advanced Media - Buying Underwear(0070)

A:  This sucks; I hate buying lingerie. Okay, just find something and get out of here. Alright, these are fine. Oh, no, don't come over here, don't come over here.
B:  You look a little lost, can I help you?
A:  Um, I'm just having a look around. It's my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. I’m trying to find her something.
B:  Well, you can't give her granny panties. Have you thought about getting her some sleepwear? We've got these lovely, silky nighties. Or, how about a nice panty-and and-bra set. Look, here's a nice satin push-up bra, and you can choose a few different styles of undies to go with it.
A:  Sure that's fine.
A:  This is so awkward...what ones do I pick? What size is she?
B:  Well, do you want a thong, some bikini briefs, maybe this nice pair of lacy boy shorts?
A:  Just pick something and get the hell out of here.
A:  Um, I’ll go with these two.
A:  This is mortifying; I just want to get this over with. She better thank me for this...
:  Here you are, sir. I'm sure she'll enjoy them.
B:  Finally!
A:  I'm sorry, sir. I'm going to have to take a look inside your bag.

Key Vocabulary

mortifyingAdjectiveextremely embarassing
boy shortscommon noun, pluralwomen's underwear that looks like little, tight shorts
bikini briefscommon noun, singularwomen's underwear worn on the lower part of the body
undiescommon noun, pluralinformal way of saying underwear
push-up bracommon noun, singulara bra that raises the breasts so as to offer additional size through padding
nightiescommon noun, plurala night dress, night gown
get out of herephraseleave this place
sleepwearcommon noun, singularclothes you use for sleeping
lingeriecommon noun, non-variablewomen's underwear
pantiescommon noun, pluralwomen's underwear
bracommon noun, singularclothes a women wears to support her breasts

Supplementary Vocabulary

going commandophraseterm used to describe when a person is not wearing any underwear
briefscommon noun, pluralnormal or traditional underwear for men, similar to the shape and size of panties
boxer shortscommon noun, pluraltype of underwear that men use which are similar to shorts
corsetcommon noun, singulara garment worn under the clothing used to mold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes
knickerscommon noun, pluralBrE. same as panties